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In which cartoon series these evil characters showed up

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Updated on Jul 26, 2022
By Subathra
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Amazon Quiz Answer for the question In which cartoon series these evil characters showed up. is updated.

In which cartoon series these evil characters showed up

  1. Looney Tunes
  2. Powerpuff Girls
  3. Samurai Jack
  4. Recess

Answer: (B) Powerpuff Girls

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Amazon Nostalgia Edition Pictionary
  1. Guess this cartoon character who is a muscular young man and always wearing sunglasses.

    Answer: Johnny Bravo

  2. This cartoon character never said a word, still we understood everything and laughed.

    Answer: Pingu

  3. In which cartoon series these evil characters showed up.

    Answer: Powerpuff Girls

  4. She is Dexter’s sister. Can you recall her name?

    Answer: Dee Dee

  5. What was the theme of this cartoon show, courage the cowardly dog.

    Answer: Scary Comedy

Short Answers: C, D, B, C, B

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